This section highlights my writing. I have been writing pretty much all my life. I first got published in a professional publication my senior year in high school, when the local newspaper published a version of a school project about the history of journalism in Iron County, Missouri. I first got paid for something I wrote in 1984. Since then, I've had my name on hundreds of pieces, some of them pieces mainly written by others which I contributed research to, but most of which I wrote myself. Only a few of them are highlighted here, mostly pieces I feel particularly proud of or have some sentimental attachment to.

I have included all the interviews with authors and comics creators that I had published in the Post-Dispatch, as well as somewhat similar but substantially different articles I did for other publications based on the same interviews in two cases - William Gibson and Art Spiegelman. I have included most of my book reviews, because the "reads" part of this site is for the most part devoted to book reviews, after all. A smattering of my other articles is also here, including most of those that I think readers of science-fiction/fantasy or comics would find interesting (an article from the early days of "Magic: The Gathering," for instance, and a review of an art gallery display of the original art from "Maus."

There's a link to my blog, of course, in the archives of which you'll find my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel from a few years back. If you haven't written an entire 50,000 word novel in a single month, you do not have the right to point out how dreadful it is. I got it done, which was the point.

I actually think there may be a halfway decent 20,000 word novella buried in there.